Tutorial: Save a Completed Form

1 - Click on the "Submit Form" button located in the top left corner of your form.

2 - You are taken to the "Save" page.

3 - If you want to save this form in an existing folder, highlight the folder in the "Select a Folder" nagivation tree on the left hand side of the page.

4 - If you have not yet created a Folder into which you want to save this form, go to the Bottom Left Hand Corner of the Page and Enter a new folder name in the "Create Folder" box and then click on the "Create" button next to the box.

5 - Once you have selected the folder into which you are saving the form, Type in the Name you want to Save the File as into the "Save As" text box at the bottom of the right hand workspace.

6 - You can also enter the Tag, Notes and Descriptions before you save if you want to do so.

7 - Click on the "Save" button next to the name you have just typed in.

8 - The next screen shows what form has been saved and into which folder it was saved. You are given the option to "Continue Working On Forms" or to "Go To Folder" into which the form was just saved.

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