Tutorial: E-mail Forms and Attachments

1 - In "Workspace" you select the file you want to e-mail.

2 - Click the "E-mail" Tab.

3 - You have to decide whether you want to add the file as an attachment or as a link.

    3.1 - An attachment will be the completed form frozen as is.

The person you send this to will not be able to change anything on the form. Normally this will be your choice.

    3.2 - A link will put a hyperlink in the email allowing the person to edit the form and make changes.

They can not save the changes, but they can print them out. You would use this if you wanted to give that person the ability to change Certificate holders names and addresses, for example.

4 - You can add as many Attachments as you wish. For example, you might send the completed commercial property application, the Workers comp application, pictures of the building, and a spreadsheet of the inventory all as attachments on one email.

5 - As you add attachments of links, their names appear on screen under the "Add Attachments" or "Add Links" bar. You can remove them by highlighting the form or file you wish to remove and clicking on the "Remove" button.

6 - The "From Address" and "From Name" will default to the information you entered in "Your Profile". You can change this information here if you would like. The "From Address" is the email address to which any "Reply To" email will be returned.

7 - You can enter the "To Address" (who you are sending the email to) either by typing any address into the "To Address" box or by selecting a customer from the "To Profile" drop down list.

NOTE: You can send to as many addresses as you would like. You can send Blind Carbon Copies. You may want to make a practice of sending a copy to yourself so you can have a record in your normal email program of each email sent from Cap Dat ACORD.

8 - Enter a "Subject" line.

9 - Enter the body of you email.

10 - Click the "Send Email" button and the email is sent. 

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